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25 Fast & Easy Recipes

Turn common ingredients into stunning dishes without spending hours in the kitchen


Equipment Tips

Save your time and sanity with a pressure cooker, air fryer and batch cooking tips


Essential techniques

Modules on knife skills, cooking techniques and re-purposing ingredients to level up your kitchen skills

daily videos, 100% plant-based, weight loss friendly

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What if nourishing your body right was tasty, fun and easy?


Here's just a glimpse of what you'll learn

Conquer the chaos with prep work and organisational principles (day 2)

The secret ingredient to make soups rich and satiating (day 7)

Elspeth's top 5 veggies for an air fryer (day 4)

Making a veggie broth full of flavor with zero salt (day 7)

8 knife cuts to add texture to your dishes (day 1)

Genius hack to get to corn of a cob - you'll never go back to canned corn (day 4)

Use these cooking times and water ratios to become an Instant Pot pro (day 3)

And much more (details on the next page)...

Join us and start making dishes you can't get enough of without spending hours in the kitchen - even if you've never cooked a meal in your life...

And while we're at it, you'll get all the time saving tips, kitchen hacks, equipment tips and step by step instructions that will make you look and feel like a pro...

Food is about connection. It's part of who we are and we get to share it with others. So you deserve better than sad salads, complicated recipes and bland dishes... Feel the same? Then join us!



Everything is laid out step-by-step with nothing held back


Join the No Chef, No Problem Series

(no credit card required)

$97 FREE


Starts Oct 8

Meet Your Instructors

This series is presented by two experienced recipe creators who started out just like you: passionate about food and their health but without professional training...


Elspeth Feldman

Accomplished author, educator, on-camera personality and cooking instructor known for her vibrant dishes, bold flavors and fusing different cuisines into unique flavors. Elspeth shares her passion online under "The Speedy Vegan".


Petra Korn

As an attorney Petra lived a hectic lifestyle with little time to spare. Facing serious health consequences, she was forced to create her own style in the kitchen: fast, efficient but still full of flavor to fend of all the temptations "out there". She's since started helping others under "Health Advocate Coaching".

What if preparing mouthwatering, stunning, plant-based dishes was fast and easy? Well, you're in for a treat! Each day of the series Elspeth and Petra will show you how - all you have to do is join us: